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3d logos / raised letters

Elegance with raised letters

A 3d logo is an impacful way to separate your company from the masses. The shadows cast by the letters get the attention of people and drive home a professional atmosphere.

Lots of possibilities

We use a number of materials and techniques. That leads to a lot of possibilities when it comes to sizes and depths from 10 mm to 300 mm.

Most used materials are XPS, EPS and viscom boards.

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Humongous letters

We also make gigantic letters (over a meter high) which can have their own stands. They are perfect for any kind of stage or as a background for photo sessions. Letters can also be treated to survive outdoors.

Despite their huge size, they are relatively easy to handle. And in this size, small bumps really don't matter anyway 🙂

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Prices start from 320€ + VAT. There are number of factors affecting the price and the most important of those are size and quantity. Remember to include these crucial data points in your quote request.

We provide an installation service if needed. Outside of Pirkanmaa province travel expenses are added.

Send us a quote request, we'll get back to you asap.

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