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3d scale models

Scale model sets you apart

A scale model of a product, production line or a whole factory can be impressive, classy and informative. The scale models we've produced have mostly ended up in the lobbies of corporations, in museums, in expos and as corporate gifts. Their uniqueness and attention to detail strike up positive connotations in both clients and employees alike.

3d tulostus SLA

Faster production time with 3d printing

When making detailed scale models of factories, production lines and buildings, they need a lot of precision work both on and off screen. 3d printing doesn't remove handicraft completely but it does increase the achievable detail count significantly ja production time is relatively great in comparison to a more traditional production.

3d tulostus SLA

Using the most suitable printing technique

We are very experienced in 3d printing (we were the first professional 3d printing service in Tampere 2010) and always choose the best tools and methods for the job.

Choosing the right techniques can have a drastic influence on the overall quality, appearance and durability of the models.

3d tulostus SLS MJF Vapriikki

3d printing in general

We also provide 3d printing as a service, specializing in complex designs consisting of multiple bodies and techniques. We've delivered on a lot of different commissions, ranging from spare parts to busts, device housings and prototyping.

Contact us by calling, by email or by using the quote request form and let us help you reach your goals.

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